Catherine African Spirit is a clothing line which originated on the small heavenly island of Zanzibar, located by the coast of East Africa.

This beautiful holiday location is rich in local colors of plants, spices, and azure waters which inspired the designer, and traveler, to create a summer collection of women’s clothes.

All clothes are hand sewn by talented tailors from Zanzibar – engaging local craftsmen in this project gives them a chance for further and dynamic professional development. Most creations from the CAS collection have been created from the kitenge (100% cotton) fabric, typical for this part of the world. The residents, and especially African women, due to

the colorful and feminine character of thisfabric, have adopted it in many fields of their lives: apart from the worn clothes, it is also used to carry children or water, and the men wear solemn bands made from kitenge during marches.

Other creations have been made with high quality cotton imported from Italy.

We are certain that the creations selected by you will beautifully emphasize the feminine nature and serve you during summer travels. Best wishes Catherine and CAS Team